A saint for all ages who aimed at building powerful & virtuous human religion. Though he lived four centuries ago, his teaching transcends all limits of time. His philosophy not only reawakened & rejuvenated the then doomed spirit of Maharashtra, but is equally valid for today’s Indian scenario, engulfed by corruption, poverty, promiscuity & reckless consumerism.

The principles governing his philosophy are very simple to follow and yet unique as they appeal to the commonsense, demand action in life & aim at building character through actual behavioural changes. According to Samarth Ramdas, “time-management” is at the core of successful life.

Isn’t it the same as the modern managerial jargon? which is directed effectively towards the highest truth. Only Samartha’s philosophy can rescue our nation today from its present doom, take the nation on the part of health & wealth, by teaching youth self-courted & imbibing self-dignity.